Fee Structure

 The first issue in pricing services is determining
whether or not a mutually workable contract can be built.
Therefore, there is no charge for an initial consultation.
  I prefer a simple, social meeting.
  A cup of coffee or lunch is an excellent way to gain some "feel" for what a client needs,
 to build some common ground in problem solving, and begin discussing terms.
 I firmly believe that honourable people can sit at a table and work out a deal that benefits everyone,
once terms are defined.
 Defining terms may take more than an initial meeting, and is essential to any successful relationship.

  Fee structure is a function of the type of work being done, once project scope has been determined.

  Deep seo is $47 an hour, plus $500 one time payment. Twenty hours minimum a month,
 6 month minimum contract, with a monthly review of progress made. Nationwide this level of seo prices from $1600 to $2400 a month, making my fees more than market competitive.

  Brand defense hourly prices are the same, with 30 hour minimum, and $2000 initial payment, due to the vastly larger scope of the tasks that may be necessary. The same 6 month minimum contract is required. A brand defense engagement shall be thoroughly covered by non-disclosure, client confidentiality, and what politicians call "plausible deniability." A wide range of "guerilla" tactics may be invoked.

Branding as a concentrated art begins with a $2000 consultation fee; project management at $45 an hour; necessary coding, graphics, design, copy writing, will price from $45 to $200 per billable hour. Teams will be built to accomplish specific tasks, and most of the billable will be pass through to team members.

Construction of an enterprise or brand, review of an existing project, document review, and related tasks are priced at $80 per billable hour, 10 hour minimum. 

If a given project meets my personal standard for social value, substantial discounts may be available.
If your realize you need any of these services, write:

gabrielbear(at)gabrielbear.com, gabriel bear, j&b dances



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